About Us


Our cinematographers are very in tune with making cinematic movies from your wedding day films. Our experience and professionalism are not matched. Skip through about halfway through this video to hear Steven (one of our cinematographers) speak about what he and they do. (oh yeah, we also filmed and edited this entire video)



We have 3 cinematography packages to choose from. Everyone gets the same service and product, the only difference is how many hours: 6, 8, or 10.

Included in every Package:

Cinematographers: We will assign your cinematographer on a first come first serve basis.

Wireless Lavalier Mic: We put our mic on your officiant about the height of their belly button. This means all voices are the same volume. This is the ideal mic placement. If the minister wears a robe during the ceremony, it probably won’t be possible to put the mic on him/her. In that case, the mic will go on the groom.

3 Cameras During Ceremony: We have two cameras zoomed in on your faces and another in the back.

Professional Audio: We record audio on separate devices then layer it with the three video channels in software.

Professional Lighting: When it gets dark we have color balanced cool LED’s to illuminate the evening.

Audio Editing: We use special software to eliminate wind noise so your vows are crystal clear as much as possible.

Video Editing: 40 hours of editing for a 10 hour day is not uncommon. We use modern day supercomputers.

Trailer: A 3-6 minute highlight video for featuring online and sharing with friends.

Song Choice: You get to choose a song for us to use for your trailer video! Choose something happy.

Full Video: A 15-20 minute documentary style video of your day.

Full Ceremony Video: Recorded From Three Angles

3 Television DVDs: Three copies of the movie and trailer authored with a menu and chapters to play in any DVD player on your TV.

USB Drive: This USB contains the 1080p computer files of the edited videos for viewing and sharing on a computer.

Link to full length movies (You’re Welcome!)         https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ4CHd70cqMINEujatG637g/playlists

Online Video Hosting: We upload your videos to the internet for you to make sharing easy.

Online Account: You receive a password to our website where you can log-in, update info, and pay invoices. Paperless.

Contact Info: You get the name, e-mail, and cell number of your cinematographer after booking so you can chat anytime about your wedding.

What we need!

Contact Information: Complete the Contact Form(link) and our Studio will send over the prices and give you a call.

Questionnaire: We have an e-mail of questions for you to complete at least a week before your wedding for your cinematographer.

Dinner: Our cinematographers work hard on your wedding day. Reward them for their hard work. FOOD!

What we will do!

Proposal: We can email  you over a paperless proposal with the contract and details. You will have 7 days to accept it and pay online.

Camera Movements: We know what camera movements to do and when. We will be shooting steady gliding movements, no amateur effects.

Steady Shots: We know when to not move the camera and have the appropriate gear to stabilize our cameras.

Multiple Locations: We don’t mind traveling from location to location with you throughout the day. Hours are to be used consecutively.

More stuff we can do if you ask for it? (please request before the wedding)

The Rehearsal Dinner: We will have to charge you extra but that is ok.

Voice Overs: We do this when requested. We can voice over with your vows (written only not repeated from the officiant), or your toasts or letter readings. Just read them to us and we can record them.

Guest Video testimonials: Your guests can be recorded leaving you messages. Better than a video booth. (Need to know beforehand, of course.)

Secret Couple Testimonials: You can record a secret message to your spouse that they won’t hear until your completed video arrives.

Time Lapse Sequences: We can leave a camera somewhere for a while then time lapse it into a sped up video.

Slow Motion: We can make you walk slow like David or Pamela.

What we can’t do!

Give unedited footage: The file formats we shoot aren’t viewable without software. In addition the audio is recorded separately.

Flying Drones: It is currently illegal for anyone to use a drone for business purposes without an impossible permit from the FAA. $10,000 fine.

Film the ceremony only for a reduced price: Since we only book one wedding a day, we gotta hold out for someone getting at least 6 hours.

Same Day Edits: It takes a considerable amount of time to relive your day from three angles and curate it into a movie. Expect at least 60 days to receive your trailer. The trailer is delivered first then the full length movie is delivered shortly after, just like Hollywood.